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Is medical coding is a right choice for a job seeker?

This is a question that is in the top most of the minds of most job applicants. It is a well known fact that medical coding and billings enjoys greater popularity in the health care industry and its demand is only increasing over the passage of time. Individuals working in this domain tend to enjoy a much more flexible work environment and schedule. Unlike the other healthcare professionals, the profession actually does not need the individual to complete rigorous education requirements. However, this field does involved processing of numerous coders, proper training and preparation is quite vital and hence, a necessity.

Increasing demand for this profession
It is a fact that there is a need for thousands of professionals having qualified this certification and having the right training...


Why experienced transcriptionists are changing their career into medical coding?

There are many experienced transcriptionists who are eager to change their career to medical coding. The number of experienced candidates switching over to the medical coding field is immense proof the demand of medical coding jobs in chennai. With advancement of technology and introduction of sophisticated software, the medical transcription industry is finding itself in a challenging position. This is what has actually prompted hundreds of experienced medical transcriptionists to look for other avenues, of which most find medical coding to be very much a lucrative one...


Why medical transcription came to an end?

With speech recognition reaching maturity stage and beginning to deliver the long expected ROI, different worries have come up, with one major issue being the future of medical transcription profession. Some are of the opinion that speech recognition would make the medical transcriptionists redundant. In the front end setting of speech recognition, the physician is the one who oversees the complete report of creation process. However, when backend speech recognition is concerned, and for the most adopted widely setting till date for physician productivity reasons, the medical transcriptionists are still required for the editing skills. Therefore, speech recognition would not affect the medical transcription profession, the way it is being thought...


How is medical coding different from transcription?

Medical coding  and transcription are two very different yet very popular jobs in the medical industry. But, people often do not understand the difference between these two jobs. A medical coder has quite a different job from a medical transcriber. A lot of people are of the view that medical coding is much for difficult to medical transcription, as medical coding requires more accuracy.

What is medical coding all about?
Basically, a medical coder has to assign HCPCS, CPT and ICD9 codes to charts made for patients. These codes come into use for a medical biller who needs submitting a claim to the insurance company. This is done for reimbursement. Thus, every code has to be very specific and accurate where the procedure performed must be explained very clearly...


How to find the good qualified trainer?

Finding the right trainer is very important, since it will provide the right foundation and base in the candidate. However, finding a good and reliable one can indeed be a daunting task, given the fact that there are hundreds of trainers around, who claim to be the best in the field and have the right experience and knowledge that would be required to derive the desired results. As a matter of fact, while searching on the web, one can find that one of the most common questions asked by many is “How to identify the qualified traineri?” It is to be understood that going for big names, necessarily does not mean high quality training.

A reliable training provider will definitely ask questions for making sure that the training provided by them is what is required by the candidate...