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How to find the good qualified trainer?

Finding the right trainer is very important, since it will provide the right foundation and base in the candidate. However, finding a good and reliable one can indeed be a daunting task, given the fact that there are hundreds of trainers around, who claim to be the best in the field and have the right experience and knowledge that would be required to derive the desired results. As a matter of fact, while searching on the web, one can find that one of the most common questions asked by many is “How to identify the qualified traineri?” It is to be understood that going for big names, necessarily does not mean high quality training.

A reliable training provider will definitely ask questions for making sure that the training provided by them is what is required by the candidate. They would carry out several simple training requirement analyses, to find out what is exactly required and to alter the training for meeting the needs accordingly. In case, the training does not match the specified requirement, then they would go ahead and recommend a good training provider, who can do so.

How to identify the qualified trainer? Essential questions to be asked

With some simple questions, it is possible to establish specific key points on the training provider.

  • What experience and qualification does the trainer possess in regards to the field that they are training?

Candidates need to be clear on the fact that qualification or experience alone cannot be the indications of a highly competent trainer. It would be better to have a training provider having adequate knowledge, experience and qualification, combined with reputation in the market for delivering effective training and has researched immensely in the given subject. Such a provider would be much better than one, who is experienced and qualified in a particular subject matter and later attended the trainer course for getting the training.

  • About the objectives and aims of the course?

It is a very simple question that needs to be answered by the training provider in an elaborate manner to make the candidate understand the requirements in a much better manner, otherwise, the trainer knows very little about the subject. The aim is to help the candidates to achieve the desired results by attending the training program, while the objective needs to be the measurable stepping stone for enabling them to reach there.

  • How to assess the candidates?

It is very important to assess the candidates periodically, to understand what is learnt by them. A reputed and qualified training provider is likely to carry out various forms of assessment for establishing the present knowledge level of the candidates and what they have learnt at the time of training. It is necessary to have different assessment methods for catering to the learning difficulties and learning styles.

A worthy training provider is one, who is honest and open with the candidates, right from the beginning to the end of the training program. Moreover, they would provide adequate post-course support to the candidates to assist them to get success in their derived field.

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