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Why experienced transcriptionists are changing their career into medical coding?

There are many experienced transcriptionists who are eager to change their career to medical coding. The number of experienced candidates switching over to the medical coding field is immense proof the demand of medical coding jobs in chennai. With advancement of technology and introduction of sophisticated software, the medical transcription industry is finding itself in a challenging position. This is what has actually prompted hundreds of experienced medical transcriptionists to look for other avenues, of which most find medical coding to be very much a lucrative one. The demand in the present job market for qualified and experienced medical coders, coupled with very high salaries, perks, benefits and other facilities is what has been prompting experienced professionals from other fields to join this domain.

Moreover, the move on the part of medical transcription to being rebrand itself as electronic health record is said to be changing as to how healthcare documentation needs to be done and processed. Its meaningful use would need structured data, therefore, leading to fewer ‘traditional transcription in the near future. What is known for years as ‘narrative’ in the healthcare documentation would not meet needs for structure data, therefore, leaving the industry in dealing with several major shifts as to how things are to be carried out. Hence, many medical transcriptionists have been trying to seek new career paths which would help them to use their existing skills and also add along with additional education for getting into something new and better. For some, the medical coding profession is the appropriate solution for the moment.

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