Can a non-life science graudate is eligible for this training?

Recently many non-life science graduates are making a query that “I am non-life science graduate. I am eligible for this training?”…ofcourse medical coding is for everyone.Enrolling for the medical coding training doesn’t require any particular degree. Learning the course will not going to be a waste of time. But there are few healthcare comapanies now a days looking for the life science graduates those who underwent medical coding training. But the same healthcare company which recruited life science graduate one time, will definitely be hiring non science graduate. It is all depending on the project they get. So do not be confused about your qualification. Do not rely on the coding institutes for the placement...


Tips to pass CPC exam

This article has few tips to clear CPC examination in one go!

Tips on
1. Time Management
2. Ruling Out Choices
3. Handling reports
4. Anatomy and Medical Terminology Questions
5. Questions with multiple codes

Time Management:

Set a sectional or column wise target for example Section A – 2.5 Hrs, Section B – 1.5 Hrs, Section C – 1 hr or finish each column in the coding sheet within an hour

Ruling Out Choices:

First understand the difference between the each choice, and then read the question. I suggest to use your pencil and strike down the wrong choices, which gives you a clear visualization of the choices you are working. Just like a clear desk it always keeps you focused.

Handling reports:

Need not panic about lengthy reports in the exam...


FAQs in Medical coding training

Some commonly asked questions related to medical coding training
There are many candidates, who these days are attracted towards undergoing a course in medical coding. However, they have few questions in mind that would like to be satisfactorily answered, before going ahead with the joining and to have a wonderful career.

• Is there is a need to have medical background for undertaking the course: Although it is not a necessity, it is important to be adequately prepared for studying intensively medical terminology, physiology and anatomy.
• Are there pre-requisites for undergoing the course: In case, the individual is new to the field, then this course is to be taken in the recommended sequence:
o Medical coding 1
o Medical coding 2 – (traditional class)
o Physiology and anato...


Duration of a complete medical coding training

Knowing time frame required to complete medical coding and billing training
These days, medical billing as well as coding field could be considered as among the most rapidly developing fields in the health care domain across the globe. The demand for qualified and certified specialists in medical coding and billing is said to be increasing with each passing year. Similarly, expectations from employers are also increasing at the same time. Unlike the past, requirements for proper maintenance of patients’ records have become much stricter. Professionals are anticipated to prepare patients’ records precisely. With increasing competition and demand, most employers these days, need certification to be part of screening process...


Choices in medical coding training and tips to pick the best

How to select the most appropriate medical coding training?

Medical coding and billing is termed as a flourishing career. It is for that reason that there are numerous institutions that has been offering such programs to guide and help the individual to become an efficient and skilled medical coder and biller. However, few institutions are plagued by scams by providing diploma mills. Therefore, the individual needs to undertake thorough research on the institution and look at its credentials and reputation in the market, before joining it.

Undergoing adequate training in medical coding

To enter this field, proper training is required...