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How is medical coding different from transcription?

Medical coding  and transcription are two very different yet very popular jobs in the medical industry. But, people often do not understand the difference between these two jobs. A medical coder has quite a different job from a medical transcriber. A lot of people are of the view that medical coding is much for difficult to medical transcription, as medical coding requires more accuracy.

What is medical coding all about?
Basically, a medical coder has to assign HCPCS, CPT and ICD9 codes to charts made for patients. These codes come into use for a medical biller who needs submitting a claim to the insurance company. This is done for reimbursement. Thus, every code has to be very specific and accurate where the procedure performed must be explained very clearly. This in turn, makes the rendering of diagnosis easier. In order to assign codes books are available for ICD9 and CPT. Thus, physicians and coders who would be treating the patient, will find their work easier, if the coding is done appropriately.

How is transcription different?
Taking dictation is chiefly the work of a transcriber. A transcriptionist needs to listen carefully to the dictation offer by a provider and type very quickly whatever they hear and make a report template. Once this report has been made, it has to be signed by the provider. This report will now become a part of the charts and copies of the patients, such that these copies can be given to other physicians for future reference.

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